Why I Deleted My Blog Posts.

Good Morning Everyone.

If you have found yourself on my blog this morning you would have noticed that it is as empty as a barren desert. Yes, I deleted all my blog posts. Many of you may find this absolutely ridiculous and I will admit that it was an impulse decision and now I feel like I need to quickly write this post to explain myself but I do have my good reasons. Or reason that isn’t actually that good but it’s good enough for me.

They were annoying the hell out of me.

At the moment I am working on revamping my blog, I have got a temporary theme that I am happy with while I wait for everything else I am sorting out to be ready for posting. I have new blog ideas and new formatting ideas and I am really putting my heart and soul into this and those blog posts just didn’t represent that.

When I created this blog I wasn’t fully happy with how everything was but I was content and that was fine. I wasn’t fully aware of the time and hard work I would have to put in to get to a place where I am proud of my blog but I know now and that’s why I’m working on it.

I will probably update you in a week or so on my plans for this blog and where I want to take it but I am looking forward to the future of abookishweekend and I hope you are too.


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