Brighton, Break Up, and Back-To-School

Hi Guys, welcome to my first ‘lifestyle’ post. It’s just an update on my life, I’ve had a lot of things going on since I got back from YALC so I thought I would divide it into three categories.


CW: drinking, recreational drug use

Brighton Pride was held on August 4th this year and after going for the first time last IMG_9118year, I had to go again. I went with Molly who you may know from the Girlfriend Guesses the Story video that I did a few weeks back. We went up on the Friday before (August 3rd) and stayed at her aunt’s house in Portslade to save us some money. After going up on the day of the parade last year, I highly recommend that you go up the day before like we did this year. The trains were busy but you could still breathe with the odd people heading to Brighton. On the train last year, I was suffocated by rainbows. Literally. There were five of us in our group last year all crammed into two seats because we couldn’t even stand due to the train being packed like a sardine tin. There wasn’t an empty square foot to be seen.

Upon arrival, we made our way to the house with Molly wearing her rainbow flag as a cape the entire time and we had a chill afternoon (after stressing because I forgot to pack everything that Molly had asked me to) walking her aunt’s dog, Harvey, and we went out for dinner with her uncle. Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

The Saturday was a day of heat, exhaustion and fun. We got up early and made our way to St. Peters to get a good seat for the parade and found one on an island in the middle of the road. So for two hours, we sat, exhaust fumes filling our nose and sweat coating our skin, just for a good seat for the parade and I’d say it was worth it. We could sit down while we were waiting and watching the parade if we got tired and we could run and join with the parade, taking photos and dancing when Processed with VSCO with c1 presetthe time was right. The parade was so much fun as always with the Labour party holding a ‘Theresa May is a snake flag’ and an empty bus to represent all the queer professional footballers that aren’t coming out (to shine a light on how many footballers ‘are’ queer statistically but the industry for some reason has no queer professional players). We laughed and we danced and we had the time of our lives. Celebrating our love, the love of the others IMG_9133around us and those who fought for us.

After the parade, we went back to the house to rest before the evening activities began.

If you’ve never been to Brighton pride then your first time going might be a bit of the shock. The whole city turns into a party. Everyone’s drinking and dancing. On the roads, parks, the beach, everywhere. The first place we went to was a park with some of Molly’s friends who were all very drunk by the time we got there and then there was Finn. I didn’t even ask what he had been taking but he was dressed in a banana print hat, shirt and trousers while swaying on his feet and continuously fist bumping Molly. We had a laugh with them and went to Maccies before we went our separate ways as they headed to find a club or pub that looked interesting and Molly and myself headed to the beach, drinks in hand. There we just sat on the beach together, talking rubbish and looking at the stars.


Warning, this section gets a bit sad. As you may have gathered by now, Molly and myself IMG_9221are dating. Girlfriends. Or at least we were. We got together on January 29th 2016 and broke up nearly a week ago on August 13th 2018. You’re probably wondering why, we were so happy together and everything seemed fine and everything was fine.

Over the two and a half years we had been together I had gone through a lot with Molly both in regards to our relationship and our separate, personal lives. We always got through it together but one thing we learnt is that we don’t cope well with long distance.

Starting in September, I will be going to Uni and so will Molly and it won’t be the same one. Because of this a few months ago we decided to spend as much time together up to Brighton Pride and then we would end it and try to stay friends. The reason we chose this was that we wanted to stay friends after breaking up and we believe that if stayed together through Uni, we would end up breaking up in a way that would not allow this to happen.IMG_9219

Molly was the first person I had been in a relationship with and I am so thankful for the time we got together and all that she has done and continues to do for me. My heart may be broken now but I know this was the right decision, or at least I hope it is. In time, our friendship will become the norm and you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of her over the years.

Our relationship hasn’t ended, it has just shifted from girlfriends to friends.

Now, that is all I’m writing for this section before I start crying.


Thursday, August 16th was A Level results day. I finished college earlier this year with the end of my A Level exams. I studied History, Politics and Psychology and on Thursday I found out my results and that I got into my chosen Uni.

Starting in September, I will be attending the University of Chichester to study Psychology, the first step to becoming a clinical psychologist. I am terrified, with my anxiety sky high but I am also interested to see where this next step takes me. I’m sure a lot of tears will be shed when I have to leave home to move away and live on campus but this has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid and I will not let my mental illness stop me from succeeding.

That’s all for this little life update but I hope you all enjoyed! What have you done recently/what are your plans for the future?

Thanks for reading!


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